Restore Corrupted Word Document

Learn Simple Way to Restore Corrupted Word Document

Corrupted Word files refers to files that you tried to open in Word and failed because of some reason. Sometimes you would get a message that they are corrupted, whereas other times Word would simply say that it can’t open them. Reasons behind getting corrupted can be anything – virus, unexpected shutting down of computer or MS Word, or any other. Most of the people delete such documents as they are completely dead. If you have deleted an important document because it is corrupted, its time for you to retrieve document deleted and repair. You might wonder like is it possible. Yes you can recover corrupted documents using restore deleted documents and repair it using Word file repair tool.

If one of your most important excel documents is deleted or lost unknowingly, your frustration level will go very high. You’ve lost critical information and countless hours of work. But wait a minute: You may not have to accept this situation. Here is a thing which can deal with a lost or deleted excel document. Restore lost excel document can give you back all your precious and important documents which are lost or deleted in just few clicks of mouse button. It can recover corrupted documents from any storage device (hard drive, pen drive or SD cards). But the moment you lost the corrupted file, stop using the hard drive.

Microsoft Word doc recovery tool will give you back all your lost or deleted Microsoft Word documents or files back in few clicks. Corrupted documents which are recovered back by this software will remain corrupted. This software will not repair them but it doesn’t mean that these documents are of no use. These corrupted MS Word documents or MS Word files can be repaired using Repair Word software.

Mac deleted document recovery will allow you to recover word documents created using different versions of Microsoft Word on Mac OS X machines. Coming up to the How to handle? section, its very easy to handle this software. From installation of the software and till the files get recovered, only few clicks are needed. Software is provided with some smart options like Quick Mode and Pattern scan which will give you the results in few minutes only. Quick Mode will give you results in short time and if it didn’t trace the desired file then Advance Mode will required to trace the same as it scan the storage device deeply. This software will get back PowerPoint files of different file formats such as PPT, PPTX, PPS, etc with utmost ease.

After getting results window of the scan you can select the documents which you want to recover and with that you have to select the location where you want to save them for later use. This software is also recover deleted documents from Recycle Bin within few mouse clicks. Here at this point you can save this session also so that in future if you want to recover some files later then you will need not to scan it again. You can use this session again and recover the files later. Read more about the software by visiting "".

Steps to Recover your Corrupted MS Word files:

Step 1: Get the copy of Restore Deleted Documents and install it. Launch the software to explore its main window

Restore Corrupted Word Document - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the partition/drive or storage device from where you want to recover the corrupted document

Restore Corrupted Word Document - Choose Drive

Fig 2: Choose Drive

Step 3: Select the desired documents going to recover in the next step and save them in any location other than the device from which documents are getting recovered

Restore Corrupted Word Document - Documents Recovered

Fig 3: Documents Recovered

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